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New Healthcare Solution 

We are working 24/7 to bring wireless healthcare solutions. COVID-19 brought new challenges and needs.
We must take care of people at home or hospitals and reduce to the minimum exposing health professionals. Our technology allows to Monitor locally or remotely any amount of patients which needs supervision but are not in critical condition.
For instance from a central monitoring room you can check Temperature, Heart Rate and Oxigen Saturation of hundreds of patients and supervise their evolution.    

At Power Micro Controls we produce standard and customized IoT devices, wireless IoT devices, sensors, controls and associated software.

Edge Micro Server

All Wireless IoT Sensors report and store sensing information on the Microserver. The Micro connected to an IP network can be accessed from any platform to collect and process sensor data.

Multi I/O

Wireless IoT Devices with different input configurations, analog inputs, digital inputs and digital outputs. We can customize inputs according specific requirements.

4G Gateway

Sends over the cellular network all the data generated by the Wireless IoT sensors to the server for further processing and analysis. This extends any wireless IoT low power network to any size and location only limited to the Cellular network coverage.


Wireless IoT devices with integrated sensors .

Starting with IoT

Our Wireless IoT devices are very simple to use as the building blocks of a wireless IoT network. 
Choose the sensing modules you require, the type of gateway, be it wifi or cellular and you are ready to go. All data is stored in your IoT Platform server for further processing and analysis.
You want all data stored locally. We have an Edge Micro Server that will stor all data for you. You can even view all sensor information through the integrated Micro web server.

Internet of Thins Wireless IoT Solutions

Data Center

Predictive maintenance
Chiller monitoring
Structures monitoring
Temperature Control


Piping Control
Predictive maintenance
Boilers monitoring
Structures monitoring
Temperature Control


Silo Grain Monitoring
Smart Irrigation
Moisture monitoring
Silo Controls
Wind monitoring
Livestock management
Weather Monitoring


Street light management
Air Quality monitoring
Waste monitoring
Water monitoring

Health Care

Patient Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
Remote Assitance
Patient Tracking
Medicine Supply Tracking 

Smart Homes

Home Security
Home Monitoring
Smoke Detector
Leak Detection
Lighting Control
Temperature, Heat Management


Inventory Control
Inventory Management
Smart Button
Package Tracking

Some of our Wireless IoT Modules

many more are under development !


Wireless IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Digital Inputs


4G Wireless IoT Gateway
WiFi Wirless IoT Gateway


Ethernet to Wireless IoT 

Temperature and door sensing Installation Example
Only requires connections for power supply or battery supply

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Wireless IoT Solutions

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